You won’t find another restaurant like Dante’s Kitchen in Rhode Island. The breakfast and lunch hotspot in East Greenwich serves up delicious and authentic Southern comfort food, the kind you can really only get done well in the South. “In my previous career I had an amazing opportunity to travel and experience the Southern culture,” owner Lisa Altieri says. “It just so happened my favorite foods came out of Southern cities like New Orleans, Houston, and Atlanta.” She decided to bring that cuisine back North with her. “We have great food in this state,” she says. “East Greenwich, in particular, has an incredible selection of food from around the world, but Southern food from our own country seemed to be missing. It was this niche that I wanted to fill here in the Ocean State. I felt like Main Street was the perfect place to blend those flavors.”

A Taste of the South
  Dante's Kitchen
•••​ American Fare with Southern Flair •••